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As you start spending more on lead generation through digital marketing, landing page conversion rate starts becoming a bigger and bigger pain point for you. Rightly so because this metric has a very high impact on your business’ profitability.

Suppose your landing page conversion rate is 2% and your click costs $1. Each lead not costs you $50. If you convert 20% of all leads, your cost per sale is $250. Now if your profit is $350 per sale, you’re left with a net profit of $100 per sale.

Suppose your landing page conversion rate declines by 20%. Ad networks assume the relevance of your ads to your landing page is lower and your click cost may now go up to $1.2. Each lead now costs you $75 and at the same conversion rate, your cost per sale now becomes $375 and you’re left with a net loss of $25 per sale.

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that constant landing page optimization should be an integral part of your marketing strategy and your marketing team should set aside time every week for this even if there are a lot of other things on their plate.

Personalization is increasingly becoming the focus of every advanced landing page optimization strategy. The questions then are, what do you personalize for and how do you do it?

Personalizing landing pages with

To answer this question, let’s understand the target set of consumers first. Your consumers are likely to be in different target groups or cohorts. One cohort could be single women between 18-25 and another could be men in the age group of 20-30. If possible, you want to show a different set of ads to each cohort that they can relate to better. In each set of ads, you want ads with different messages because not the same thing will appeal to all men in the age group of 20-30.

For each message you will now have to A/B test variations in ad copy and images to see which one gives the best ROI. So if you have 3 cohorts, 5 messages each and 3 variations of each message, you now have 45 different combinations that your customers are seeing in ad copies.

The question now is are your customers seeing the same message they are seeing in the landing page as they are seeing in the ad copy? If not, you’re either creating a disconnect in the picture you are painting in his mind about your product or you’ve made your landing page so generic that it loses that personalization that is proven to attract and convert customers.

This is where comes in.

For example, a pregnant woman may use the same product as a new mother. But a pregnant woman is more likely to click on a product that says its for pregnant woman on the ad and then go through a landing page that talks about the benefits of the product for a pregnant woman. The case would be exactly the same for a new mother. If your ad and landing page just say the product is for all mothers, the product may come across as generic and the same potential customer may not be attracted enough to click on it.

Instant lets you quickly make as many variations to your landing page as your ad variations completing the flow of your story for each variation. You can do this yourself too but imagine the pain of creating and managing 45 different versions of the landing page as well as getting reporting from all of that in one place to optimize them.

Instant has a few features that make this exercise extremely painless:

  1. Inbuilt inline editor – This is a pretty standard feature in most landing page builders. Instant’s builder too is easy to use and you can quickly create the variations you need and test them.
  2. Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Suppose you have ads targeted to people in many different locations such as London, Paris, Berlin. Instead of creating variations manually, you can just pass this parameter through ad URL and your landing page will reflect this content on the fly.
  3. Relevance suggestions – Once you connect your adwords account, the system tells you your relevance score and gives suggestions on how to improve this score.
  4. Monitoring performance – You can directly monitor the impact of different variations and ad copies from Instant’s reporting dashboard.
  5. Google Analytics API – You can also integrate your google analytics account with Instant landing pages to get much more granular data of the performance of your landing page variations.

If you are not personalizing your landing pages to your ad copies yet, you’re losing every moment. Using Instant, we’ve seen a significant increase in landing page conversion rates across industries. Get in touch with us today if you want help setting up for your company!