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We are not your average Digital Marketing Agency.

Techsprout is a digital marketing lead generation agency powered by data analytics, market research, and digital technology. We look at your business, audience, market and strategy holistically. We create emotive yet conversion-focused ideas, campaigns and products that change perceptions, shape new behaviours and shift market share.


A Digital marketing company focused on results

That’s what we care about - your results.

  • How much qualified traffic you get on your online properties
  • How targeted your traffic is & what ROI potential it holds
  • How many qualified leads you are getting
  • How we can improve these numbers month by month


The best way to reach your goals and grow your business is by taking a step back to look at the bigger picture. Using a four-phase approach, we connect the dots between your audience, your brand, and your business objectives. We help you define a winning strategy before diving into the tactical execution that will drive your business forward.

Business Consulting

We start by mapping out a client’s business model. It put everyone on the same page, helps to define your audience, revenue streams, sales channels, and costs. It helps us to identify what’s broken, what’s missing, and what can be changed. Your business can then take advantage of opportunities you may not have seen before. These findings create clarity around your strategies and give you insights into organizational and marketing goals.

Brand Strategy

A well-defined strategy will help you understand your audience, know where you stand in the marketplace, and identify a differentiator for you within your industry.

Beginning with an expansive review of your brand’s current status provides us with understanding and insight into your organization. Taking our research and your current position into consideration, we craft a strategy designed to help you reach the goals you identified. A well-defined brand strategy will show you the tactics you need for success.

Growth Strategy

We help you in the development and implementation of a Growth Framework wherein a skilled team can run experiments that are constantly optimized for better results.

This constant optimization requires a process and frequency quick enough to turn insights into results and create a process of acceleration of tests until sustainable results are found.

Market Research

Research is all about risk mitigation. The more you know about your customers, competitors and the market – the less guesswork you’re faced within the process.

Custom quantitative and qualitative research will help understand and articulate the challenge at hand, including audiences, competitors, and brand perception.

Channel Strategy

We start with a review of the full spectrum of your digital advertising, eCommerce marketing, tracking, and attribution. Starting from a position of deep knowledge enables us to optimize your approach, your advertising, and your technology stack to address specific strategies and goals.

We help you increase year over year gross revenue across digital channels, a stronger ROAS, and stronger brand engagement.

Quantitative Analysis

Our data science team uses web analytics, CRMs, and other data sources to identify target growth opportunities and inform seamless, human-centred UI/UX design.

Brand identity

Our team works collaboratively with you and conducts competitor, industry, and audience research specific to your organization. Once we know what your audience’s pain points, values, and beliefs, we will know what they want. Then, we can construct what the perception of your brand should be.

After that, the second component of brand identity is communication. Your logo, colours, typography, imagery and messaging should all communicate that perception consistently over time.

Creative Production

We work with impact content and communication. We offer research, design, consulting and production services for organizations. In a world of clones and knockoffs, truly creative sells. Get innovative ideas and polished finish pieces from our creative production team.

Our designers are creative to the core. They see the world in a unique way, finding patterns and beauty in places others often overlook, making connections between seemingly disparate concepts, and asking a lot of questions to get to the heart of client expectations and drivers.

UI design and Optimisation

Our designers communicate with you to ensure they are meeting your objectives for your product. Using industry best practices and accessibility standards ensure that your site/app is usable and tailored for your target market.

UX design and Optimisation

Through extensive research, involving workshops, surveys, user research, stakeholder interviews, client interviews, and heat map, we build user personas. Those personas tell us who your user is and how they want to experience your product. Crafting wireframes based on your user persona, journey and information architecture gives you a visual element built with data-based reasoning.

Web Development

We help you build a clean, secure, well organized, and SEO-rich custom website that is tailored to the needs of your customers and built to last for years to come.

App Development

By understanding your organization, we can build custom apps to support achieving your goals, solve problems, or create unseen opportunities. Custom apps can be built for any configuration, tool, service, or data management solution you are wanting to provide to your users. We can help bring your ideas to life.


How we do Search Engine optimisation is different. Our SEO services, often executed alongside our paid search services, involve keyword research into what your audience is searching for as well as technical optimization of your site. Our data analytics team formulate innovative strategies and cost-effective initiatives to maximize digital visibility on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Paid Search

Search engine marketing (SEM), PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a speed-to-market tactic to expand visibility to a target audience and gain a leg up against competitors. Strategic paid search marketing means more clicks, more leads, and more conversions. It’s often the most cost-efficient channel, getting you qualified leads at the lowest cost.

Our partnerships with Google and Microsoft provide you access to the latest insights, exclusive beta opportunities, and unmatched support.

Digital Advertising Campaigns

It’s affordable, scalable, specific, and easy to use. Using data collected by your business or by a social media platform, you can reach exactly who you want to reach

We help you strategize, plan, create and run lead generation, display ads and remarketing campaigns on Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, Linkedin Inmails, Twitter ads and Quora ads. We can also help you with Programmatic Native ads platforms on Taboola, Outbrain and Columbia network.

Social Media Content Management

Our unique process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, is led by our brand managers who reach new customers and improve and maintain a market reputation for our partners.

By tracking and optimizing ongoing campaigns, we make adjustments as necessary to keep performance where you want it. And, with regular reporting, you always know how your social media platforms are performing

Mobile App Marketing

When developing a new app marketing strategy, there are a few key components, including the definition of core consumer segments, setup of an app analytics platform, and the creation of a plan for ongoing App Store Optimization(ASO). Once these app-specific aspects of a strategy are in place, we execute a holistic digital marketing strategy to create awareness and drive app downloads and acquisition across a variety of more conventional digital channels.

Marketing Automation

Our Marketing automation strategy can be as expansive as complete persona development and user journey mapping, or as straightforward as a few simple workflows to improve efficiency in one area.

Whatever the size, we believe in constant analysis and optimization of all automation efforts. By doing so, we can ensure you’re getting the most out of the tool you’re using and are spending your time working on the things that matter most.

Media Planning and Buying

Using premium tools, we dig into demographic, psychographic, and media usage insights unique to your campaign. Following execution, monitoring and optimizing gives you transparency and the best possible ROI.

We also offer PR support to clients who don't already have an agency. Unlike agencies, we don't work on a retainer model but on a piece-meal basis only based on the coverage you want. Our PR person has been able to get brands coverage in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Livemint, ET, Moneycontrol and TOI.

Content Marketing

Starting with competitor and industry research, we can assess where you stand in the marketplace. Audience research tells us what kind of content will resonate with your potential and existing consumers. Based on these findings, content pillars are established to provide direction for topics. These pillars provide a framework for the content we create, keeping your messaging clear and consistent.


Starting with competitor and industry research, we can assess where you stand in the marketplace. Audience research tells us what kind of content will resonate with your potential and existing consumers. Based on these findings, content pillars are established to provide direction for topics. These pillars provide a framework for the content we create, keeping your messaging clear and consistent.




Digital Marketing Training

There is a talent gap in the market, and digital marketing jobs take 16 percent longer to fill than other postings and show a growth rate of 30 percent over traditional marketing roles.

Digital marketing professionals make $7,000 over their traditional counterparts, and according to data collected by Glassdoor, a digital marketing manager earns an average salary of $77,015 per year.

Online Training

Taught by professionals who work with companies to create and implement digital marketing plans, the course is designed for marketing generalists, people who are new to marketing, and seasoned marketing leaders who need to know more about the digital marketing landscape.

Offline Training for Corporates

We do hands-on workshops helping your employees to master digital marketing concepts with coaching and marketing seminar programs.

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