About us

Techsprout is a platform for marketers and entrepreneurs looking for sustainable growth. We consult companies who are looking for an edge in marketing and sales and we do this by leveraging our extensive experience of creating and managing marketing campaigns for large organizations.
How Can We Help You?
  1. Search and Display advertising campaigns – Google, Bing search, Google Display Network, Linkedin ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, ads on publisher sites and DSPs. We can help you optimize your existing campaigns as consultants or manage your campaigns for you which includes identifying the right channels and targeting, ad creation, landing page creation, campaign setup and daily optimization and reporting.
  2. Content advertising – Taboola, Outbrain and other content networks can be an excellent source for cheap PPC traffic but without the right marketing funnel, leads can be of poor quality. Our experts can create and manage content advertising campaigns along with the content you need to generate high quality, cheap leads from these networks.
  3. Search engine optimisation – Our SEO expert can help you with both On-page and off-page SEO. We look at SEO as a mechanism to build a continuous flow of organic traffic and work with your team in building an SEO strategy around the customer’s need your product or service fulfills. This results in a higher conversion rate for your SEO traffic as opposed to a strategy where you get a lot of traffic but no conversions.
  4. Marketing analytics – Analytics is an essential component of all marketing campaigns because without this data, it is impossible to understand what’s happening in a campaign. Our analytics expert can help you make the most of Google analytics or any other analytics tool you are using and get valuable data you can use to optimize your campaign.
  5. Marketing & sales tools – Our team has functionally consulted on the set up of over 40 sales and marketing tools including CRM, VoIP, IPBX, DocuSign, Sales automation, Marketing automation, Landing page generators and Competition monitoring. Get in touch with us to know more about the tools you can use to streamline your processes.